The path travelled and the road ahead

As an emergent, self-iterating, open-source platform, NULS continues to shape the future of the industry, by driving innovation and removing bottlenecks. Since the genesis block of our NULS 1.0 mainnet, our adaptive development process has created new industry standards in security, optimization, interoperability, and scalability.


September 27th 2017, NULS begins its journey with its first step. Officially announced to the public and blockchain industry. Since then the team has taken huge strides to bring cutting edge technological products to customers & users from around the world.


NULS 1.0 Alpha Test-net

NULS Main-Net v1.0 launched, 11th July 2018

NULS Light wallet development

NULS light wallet launched, Q3 2018

NULS 2.0 Research and development begins

NULS ChainFactory research and development begins

NULS ChainBox research and development begins

NULS microservices research and development begins


NULS 2.0 Alpha Test-net

NULS 2.0 Public Beta Test-net

8th July 2019

NULS ChainBox launched

8th July 2019

NULS Main-Net v2.0 launched, 17th September 2019

NULS SCO Platform launched

NULS 2.0 Governance tool launched, 1st November 2019

NULS ChainFactory launched, 13th November 2019

NerveNetwork Research and development begins


NerveNetwork v1.0 launched, 10th July 2020

NerveNetwork NERVEDEX launched, 4th September 2020

20 projects active on NULS SCO platform

Realize heterogeneous cross-chain ETH and ERC20 assets into the NULS network

NFT NRC721 Compatibility

Support NerveDEX integration on Nabox


NULS v3.0 research and development begins

Launch Multi-Chain NULS Plug-in wallet (Nabox)

NULS Brand refresh and website update

Docking ETH/BSC/ HECO and NULS ecological network and other cross-chain asset projects, enabling their multi-chain interconnection
Realize heterogeneous cross-chain OKExChain and KIP20 assets into the NULS network
Support the development of NFT ecosystem projects
Optimize more NULS ecological applications to access Nabox wallet (community governance, web wallet, etc.)
Incubation supports AMMSwap applications based on NULS
Compatibility of smart contract module with EWASM enabled
Support signature of Ledger hardware wallet

Chainlink integration Phase 1

Update NULSTAR microservice management module function

Integrate 5 cross-chain solutions through NerveNetwork bridges per quarter (Ongoing)

5 New additional SCO projects per quarter (Ongoing)

LP added to additional chains (Ongoing)