The sky is not the limit

NULS modular microservice design accelerates blockchain building. Use ChainFactory to get your chain running fast and reduce development costs. Then find Smart Contracts and Cross-chain technologies expanding your horizons.

The perfect foundation

With NULS, you get a company that sets a new industry standard in facilitating blockchain adoption. Our battle-tested platform provides the perfect foundation to build your application. Make sure your innovation blockchain application stands out from your competition, even in the stormiest of market conditions. Based on microservices, the NULS platform is easier and faster to develop apps. It also means it's easier to find issues or bugs as you debug code, and it's easier to maintain.



Built for speed

Easy Maintenance

ECO Friendly

Here at NULS we pride ourselves on being one of the most energy efficient projects in the crypto space with our award winning Proof-of-Credit mechanism which requires very little energy to operate.

Microservice Architecture

Microservices allows you to scale up much more quickly and allows you to organize around business capabilities. You can organize around autonomous cross-functional teams, just like a construction site with independent, parallel work being performed. If you have a large project, need quick and autonomous delivery, plan to scale your solution or need to frequently update separate parts of your system, microservices are your best bet.

Ease of use

NULS handles the workload of your application with a platform that provides fluid, cost-effective and time-saving solutions for developers with no previous blockchain experience. We make it easy for developers to create modules for any purpose quickly.

A firm foundation based on the work of thousands of people means you don’t have to worry about whether the construction is sustainable. So set up your variables and process modules with a view of what is to come next, rather than having to keep looking back.

Highly scalable

Your future app can be that next technological landmark. It might change how people do business, propelling you to great success at the same time. NULS ensures that no matter how many lines of code your app contains, it will be stable, functional and above all, scalable!

With NULS you can quickly grow your product without starting from scratch.

Cross-chain connectivity

In building an application, development teams must also work with different internal parts. Modules must be integrated to ensure that all processes are handled correctly, database architecture procedures are efficient and optimized, and programming comments are explicit. Here, NERVE is like an elevator that provides cross-chain connectivity and development. It lets developers get effortlessly from one floor to the next.

Our road ahead

NULS v3.0 research and development begins

Launch Multi-Chain NULS Plug-in wallet (Nabox)

NULS Brand refresh and website update

Docking ETH/BSC/ HECO and NULS ecological network and other cross-chain asset projects, enabling their multi-chain interconnection
Realize heterogeneous cross-chain OKExChain and KIP20 assets into the NULS network
Support the development of NFT ecosystem projects
Optimize more NULS ecological applications to access Nabox wallet (community governance, web wallet, etc.)
Incubation supports AMMSwap applications based on NULS
Compatibility of smart contract module with EWASM enabled
Support signature of Ledger hardware wallet

Chainlink integration Phase 1

Update NULSTAR microservice management module function

Integrate 5 cross-chain solutions through NerveNetwork bridges per quarter (Ongoing)

5 New additional SCO projects per quarter (Ongoing)

LP added to additional chains (Ongoing)

The NULS platform is an A-list team that stands behind yours

Microservices allows you to scale up much more quickly and allows you to organize around business capabilities.