Nabox is coming soon-NULS一个可定制的区块链基础设施!

Very happy to meet you all for the first time.

Nabox is not a traditional company. Nabox was created for a heated discussion about the future of the blockchain. In the end, we decided to do some interesting things together through our own efforts and hardwork, because everyone here met through NULS. So we built Nabox's mobile wallet based on NULS Ecology. If we can get more recognition and support, we will continue to make it even more perfect and more interesting.

We hope to use Nabox wallet as a solid foundation. Deeply integrated with the development of NULS community, provide a platform for community management, Dapp access, and asset management to our friends who want to do something interesting. Let it be the most convenient helper to all of them who want to do business in this blockchain industry.

The initial version of Nabox focuses on security and efficiency. We hope every transfer to be safe and efficient, so it took 3 months and 14 days to make the first version. Although the content is still very simple now, but if more and more people use it, we will gradually increase better features. In the following days, we plan to make adjustment and improve the voting function of the mobile wallet based on the performance of  NULS mainnet.

In the meanwhile, we sincerely invite more developers to develop fancy applications. Nabox will open up a convenient and easily used development interface for more friends with ideas and ability.

This is the download address for the beta:   

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message below the post, we will be very happy to listen to your advise, you can also send an email to:

Welcome to the world of Nabox...

Nabox is coming soon-NULS一个可定制的区块链基础设施!